About Us

Residents for Sane Trash Solutions, Inc. (SaneTrash) is a volunteer community-based organization made up of people just like you! The organization’s purpose is to oppose the City’s horribly misguided plan to build a 2 acre, 10-story marine transfer station at East 91st Street that will harm Yorkville/East Harlem, and to promote a discussion regarding sane trash solutions.

When we started out, we were a few people working together to get our message out through a three-pronged strategy which included legal, lobbying and community outreach. SaneTrash has grown to over 7,000 supporters. We applaud Pledge2Protect’s efforts and we share the same goals, yet we are two separate organizations.

SaneTrash Directors and Officers

Jed Garfield — President
David Mack — Vice President
Susan Kingsolver — Treasurer
Lorraine Johnson — Secretary

SaneTrash Steering Committee

Debbie Baum
David Eber
Jed Garfield
Lorraine Johnson
Susan Kingsolver

Andy Lachman
Arthur Lutzke
David Mack
Charles Platt
Louise Radin

Jennifer Ratner
Tara Reddi
Elaine Friedman
Sarah Gallagher

SaneTrash Media Spokesperson

Charlie Platt

SaneTrash Mailing Address
Residents for Sane Trash Solutions, Inc.
C/O Susan Kingsolver,
525 East 86th Street, Suite 12A
New York, NY 10028

SaneTrash Email